CBD Moby Dick Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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CBD Moby Dick Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds


CBD Moby Dick is a medicinal version of traditional sativa-dominant Moby Dick, used for pain and muscle spasm relief, depression, and creative focus. The high level of CBD eliminates most of the psychoactive effects caused by THC, and leaves users happy and relaxed.


CBD Moby Dick Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Moby Dick is a medicinal version of traditional Moby Dick, a sativa-dominant strain resulting from cross-breeding White Widow and Haze. This therapeutic variety combines Moby Dick with a CBD-enriched male, resulting in equal amounts of CBD and THC.

CBD Percentage in Cannabis

Because the cannabinoids THC and CBD work differently in the body, 5% CBD is quite potent, while 5% THC is relatively innocuous, at least as far as psychoactive effects are concerned. CBD seems to heighten the therapeutic effects of THC, while counteracting the well-known mental “high”.

The prevalence of CBD enables sativa-dominant CBD Moby Dick to provide all the benefits of the traditional Moby Dick strain – that is, a happy, uplifted sensation that can combat symptoms of mood disorders like depression – without so much mental intensity. The strain also tends to activate your creative centers, enabling you to focus on tasks for long periods of time, eschewing distraction. Traditional Moby Dick is quite potent, so start slow with this one, and be aware of potential side effects like dry mouth and paranoia.

Grow Moby Dick CBD Strain

CBD Moby Dick cannabis seeds grow into heavily flowered plants whose spicy-citrus buds can be used to treat joint and muscle pain and spasms caused by conditions such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis. This natural therapeutic version also increases appetite – a useful side effect for those undergoing chemotherapy, or suffering from an eating disorder. (Or just for those evenings at home when you feel like getting the munchies!)

Should I Flush my Medical Cannabis Plants?

Due to CBD Moby Dick cannabis seeds generally being used as a medicinal option, we recommend you stop providing additional nutrients to the plants about three weeks before harvest. This will serve to “flush” the plants, ensuring you are not ingesting any unnecessary additives with your medicine. Overall, these cannabis seeds are easy to germinate and grow, and should produce as much as 650 grams of flower per square meter when grown indoors.

Choose CBD Moby Dick medical feminized cannabis seeds for pain and depression.

Additional information

Strain GeneticsMoby Dick x CBD Crew
Blend60% Sativa / 40% Indica
Flowering Time60-70 days
THC Content5% / 1:1
CBD Level5%
EffectLong-lasting, relaxing, happy
Best UseAnytime; Reduce anxiety, depression; pain management
FlavorCitrus, sweet, spicy
Indoor Yield550-650g per m2
Outdoor Yield600-800g per plant
Growing DifficultyEasy
Plant SexFeminized
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Where to GrowIndoor/Outdoor
Plant HeightMedium

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