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Cannabis Growing Laws in Canada

Recreational cannabis has been legalized officially in Canada, this means some provinces will allow for home growing. However, there are certain laws in place to control the production, distribution, possession, and sale of cannabis in the various provinces of Canada.Under the Cannabis Act, adults can cultivate up to 4 cannabis plants per household. This limit is not based on the number of people, so whether you live with family members or alone you are only allowed to grow four plants. Here are the recommended security and safety measures for growing cannabis in Canada.

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Dealing With Flowers That Hermaphrodite

Plants can hermaphrodite (hermy for short) for a variety of reasons. For example, an interrupted light cycle or extended exposure to a light leak will cause male parts to protrude from clusters of calyxes. These small male parts, which resemble miniature bananas, will release pollen if the flowers are allowed to mature. The pollen is caught by the trichomes on the pistils and a seed is formed in the calyx.

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Seeds Or Clones…That Is The Question?

When purchasing clones from the many marijuana collectives that sell them, there is a 50-50 chance that you might bring home some unwanted guests. These guests can run the gambit, from spider mites, thrips or powdery mildew - or a host of other diseases that can easily go undetected.

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How To Grow Marijuana

Growing marijuana is increasingly becoming more and more socially acceptable within society, and each year we see a significant jump in the numbers of people those seeking to learn how to grow marijuana. In this marijuana grow guide we will explain the best way to grow marijuana indoors. Our outdoor marijuana grow guide also covers everything you’ll need to know for growing weed in the great outdoors!

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