Cannabis cultivators often choose sativa strains for their cerebral effects and uplifting highs. Although pure cannabis sativa strains take longer to flower than pure indica strains, its outstanding yields will reward you for your efforts. One of the most popular sativa strains legendary Haze usually takes up to 12 weeks to flower in an indoor setting.

These seeds are native to the world’s leading cannabis growing regions such as Mexico, Thailand, Columbia, and Indica. Sativa varieties are ideal for those who enjoy herb throughout the day and its uplifting high makes it perfect for creative works. Cannabis sativa strain can deliver amazing results for Hydro growers with some training.

Although contemporary sativa strains can grow to a height of 3m or more when grown outdoors, especially in Mediterranean climates, selective breeding and hybridization have made buds denser and reduced flowering time. Sativa cannabis strains will have wider gaps between the internodes, thinner leaves, and rapid vertical growth during their vegetative stage until harvest day.

Popular Sativa strains include Amnesia Haze, Haze Berry, Shining Silver Haze, Royal Marde, Sour Diesel, Royal Moby, Hulkberry, Royal AK, and Dance World.