Regular cannabis seeds are the seeds that started it all. Before autoflowering and feminized seeds were ever developed, we had regular seeds which were approximately 50% male and female 50%. So the yield was typically 50/50, and it required double the work to get a good amount of cannabis since regular cannabis seeds can bud into either male plants, female plants or both.

Regular seeds are a more authentic approach for experienced cannabis seed collectors. But it is best to go with feminized seeds if you have never used them before as they are more rewarding and straightforward. These types of seeds require more maintenance in terms of temperature, lighting, and the time you will invest in removing the male plants.

Female plants have a heavy resin coating layer. The resin is thick and sticky and it helps the female plant to naturally, quickly, and easily capture the pollen produced by the male plants. The female becomes fertilized once it captures the pollen, and it produces the seed. When the female plants may not pollinate, they produce a high amount of resin.

Unfertilized females lead to trichome production which is responsible for providing the psychoactive high and medical properties. Therefore, a non-pollinated cannabis plant is more potent than fertilized ones. Popular strains include Kashmir Kush, White Fire Alien Kush, and Agent Orange.