The seeds produced by specially treated female cannabis plants are known as feminized marijuana seeds. The difference between these seeds and regular ones is that they produce only 100% female plants. And since it’s the only the female’s that produce the all important bud, this is great news for the modern day cannabis grower.

For many years the only method to guarantee an all female grow was by “cloning” a mother plant from a previous grow by taking cuttings from them, and once they sprouted roots then transplanting them to their new home. This lead to many a frustrated grower complaining that they had to constantly keep at least one of their plants alive in order to clone it the following season – that was of course until the modern day wonder of feminized cannabis seeds.

In quiet a feat of modern horticultural times, these seeds are produced by “shocking” a specially chosen potent female with colloidal silver causes them to begin producing male characteristics. Repeating this process every few days over the course of 2 weeks eventually produces female plants that also produce pollen. The resulting seeds are known as feminized seeds.

Since these seeds are difficult to produce, it’s important to only buy feminized marijuana seeds from cannabis breeders who know what they’re doing. Many inexperienced breeders have tried and failed to produce these all feminized seeds and the resulting outcome are generally hermaphrodite or strains or “hermies” that originally begin flowering as females but end up turning male as the budding process continues. Luckily for you we only deal with the top Dutch breeders and our seeds produce 99% feminized cannabis seeds every time!