These types of seeds can help to simplify the cannabis growing process. The seeds are designed to flower automatically, so they need not change light cycles. You also do not have to worry about removing the male plants. Autoflowering seeds are mixed cannabis strain known as Ruderalis, and they developed it in central Russia. The condition in this area is harsh, so the plant did not have to wait for warmer weather, so they flower on their own schedule.

Autoflowering seeds are ideal for beginners since many of the complicated steps involved with cultivating a healthy cannabis plant have been removed. Autoflowering cannabis seeds result in high-quality cannabis and they don’t require removing male plants or a change in light source. These seeds are also ideal for open grounds or areas that don’t have ideal growing conditions.

Autoflowering seeds can produce up to 2 outdoor crops in a typical summer and sometimes more. In an indoor setting, they can fully mature in as fast as 10 weeks. These seeds are quite resilient and can resist frost, pests, and mold more than other types of cannabis seeds. You will get higher yields from autoflowering cannabis seeds if you use an intense light source. However, even without high light intensity they can still give you reasonable yields.

Autoflowering seeds have elevated cannabinoid levels with no intense or consistent light. They can also handle light pollution; this makes them ideal for growing in regions with short summers. Some popular autoflowering strains include CBD White Widow, Jack Herer, Blueberry, Auto Bubba Kush, and many more.